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Workplace wellbeing made simple


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Your on-demand workplace wellbeing programme

Video library of masterclasses in health and wellbeing.

For individuals, teams and businesses of every stage, shape, and size. Wherever you may be.

Taking care of your people, takes care of your business. 

How it works


Anytime, anywhere

Our online subscription service enables your employees to learn from wherever they may be. 


Flexible learning 

Our short form content makes it easy to digest, at each individual's own pace. 

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Work Well Being Play delivers

Quality you
can afford

Access to the UK’s leading workplace wellness experts at a price you can afford.


Combining all aspects of wellbeing - mental health, physical health, nutrition and self-development.


Science &
evidence based

Content curated and presented by skilled behavioural experts, always based on the latest research.

Masterclasses to cultivate positive health and wellbeing

Delivered by the UK’s leading workplace wellbeing experts.

  • Growing library of masterclasses
  • Broken down into bite-sized lessons
  • Downloadable support resources
  • Fresh content released each month
  • Insight and reporting for employers
  • Bolt-on extras including deeper mental health training
How it works

Pricing that works
for individuals,
teams and businesses
of every stage,
shape, and size


Our pricing is customised to suit your business.

Flexible Monthly or Annual subscription. 

As an individual you can begin your
wellbeing journey immediately, from just £15.


Who we are

Work Well Being Play is brought to you by Work Well Being.
Since 2014, we've been supporting businesses and their employees to thrive and are trusted by:

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Meet the teachers

Our team are leaders in their field, with deep experience,
and a passion and commitment to making a lasting difference.

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