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Kirsty, HR Manager
Mindshare UK

"Work Well Being are fantastic people to work with, their offering is extremely well organised, well informed and reliable"

Health and wellbeing goes hand in hand with success


It’s never been more crucial to proactively take care of yourself and develop the skills to bounce back from challenges.

Making time for yourself isn’t easy. Our online learning tools are designed to fit around you and your busy life.

Anytime, anywhere

Learn from wherever you may be, at a time that suits you.  

Flexible learning

Our short-form content makes it easy to digest, at your own pace.

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Solutions for individuals, teams and businesses 

Mental Health for Managers Online Learning Course

For just £150, this online course enables you as a manager to develop the confidence, knowledge and skills to proactively address mental health at work.

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Wellbeing Masterclasses

At £10 per month, our video masterclasses will support you to reduce stress, dial down anxiety, improve sleep, enhance focus and boost resilience, ultimately helping you to do your best work.

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"Having a platform with information consolidated in one place is really useful for a consistent and reliable source for coping mechanisms and understanding your mental health wellbeing."

Developed and delivered by the UK's leading workplace wellbeing experts

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Since 2014, we've been supporting some of the world’s leading organisations and their employees to thrive.

Find out more about our live training courses, workshops, 1:1 coaching and workplace wellbeing programme consultancy. 

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Your complete solution for enhanced wellbeing and performance

Quality you can afford

Access to the UK's leading wellness experts, at a price you can afford

Science & evidence based

Content curated and presented by skilled behavioural experts, always based on the latest research

Holistic approach

Combining all aspects of wellbeing, mental & physical health, nutrition and self development and growth

What people say about us...


"I like that the videos are broken down into shorter clips so it's easier to fit into the working day or to come back to at a later date."

Participant at Square Trade

"We've been doing the training and really finding it very helpful, thank you. We'd like to roll it out to everyone, not just the managers, as lots of the feedback was that people were finding it personally useful."


"The presenters are engaging and knowledgeable - which is reassuring when addressing issues of mental health."

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