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Masterclasses to cultivate positive health and wellbeing


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Access the UK's leading workplace wellbeing experts

Membership to Work Well Being Play provides unlimited access to our growing library of workplace wellbeing masterclasses.

All masterclasses are designed to provide your employees with insight and strategies to enhance their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and improve their effectiveness at work - whether they are in the office or working remotely from home. 

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Understanding & Managing Stress

Join Steph to gain a new understanding of stress and how it impacts both your physical and mental health. You will learn proven science-backed techniques to immediately feel calmer, stronger and more in control in the face of adversity and challenges.


Making Sense of Mental Health

Join Dr B feel to more confident to have a positive down to earth conversation about mental health and wellbeing, make it safe to speak about it openly and find the way forward to wellbeing for everyone.


Working Effectively

Join Chris to learn how to work effectively utilising a wide range of practical strategies that enhance both your personal well-being alongside your capacity to do focused and productive work.


Introduction to Self-Care

Join Suzy to learn a practical working definition of self-care, knowledge to overcome the real barriers to self-care and accessible nourishing practices that you can weave with ease into daily life.


Nutrition for Immunity

Join Natural Chef and Nutrition Expert Adria to learn how to give yourself the best chance of staying healthy and well and if you should fall ill with a cold or flu, how to recuperate. You'll also learn how to do more from your home kitchen. 


Dialling Down Anxiety

Join Dr B for this 5 step science-based, practical guide to support you in understanding, recognising, and reducing anxiety. We take a look at panic attacks along the way and you’ll learn some easily applied tools to dial down both stress and anxiety. Each session starts with a very quick and simple exercise so you will be embedding essential learning all the way through.


Working Calmly

Join Chris to learn how to work more calmly by using a broad range of practical techniques and methods that can be seamlessly incorporated into your working day.


Exploring Mindfulness

Join Steph to understand what mindfulness is, experience the benefits and learn simple and efficient practices that will make a difference in how you experience life, engage with others, and feel on a daily basis.


Spotting & Preventing Burnout

Join Dr B to understand what burnout is, the causes and how to recognise the warning signs, along with strategies to support you to stay well.


Self-Care for Tough Times

Join Suzy to gain a road map for navigating times of stress, loss and change and learn practical tools to help you find calm, peace and clarity.


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