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Talking about Mental Health as a Manager isn’t always easy... 

As a manager you play a pivotal role in modeling and sustaining positive day to day practices to promote high levels of performance and wellbeing.  

Do you sometimes worry about saying the ‘wrong’ thing?

Are you often concerned about how best to support someone?

Are you clear on what your boundaries as a manager are?

But doing so is essential...


In the wake of COVID-19, it has never felt more important to recognise when your team members may be struggling, know how to support them, and take proactive steps to keeping everyone well.


In 2020/21 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 50% of all work-related ill health cases. This is costly not only on a human level, but also for businesses: disengagement, diminished creativity and productivity, pressurised teams and strained relationships. As a manager these statistics can feel daunting and out of your control.

Taking care of your people, takes care of business


This training will provide you with...

Knowledge and skills to feel more confident and comfortable in proactively addressing mental health at work.

Practical tools for your self-care to ensure you are in the best possible position to help and model positive behaviours.

Science and evidence based solutions to immediately support members of your team who might be struggling.

An understanding of how to take a proactive and preventative approach to building a resilient, productive and engaged team.


Our library of Masterclasses span mental health, physical health, nutrition and self-development.

Science & evidence based

Content curated and presented by skilled behavioural experts, always based on the latest research.

Practical & engaging

Our Masterclasses are delivered by real humans with learned as well as professional experience.

Always topical

New Masterclasses released each month to ensure you’re continually inspired and learning.

By completing this training you will:

  • Gain knowledge about common mental health conditions that arise in the workplace
  • Become more confident to address mental health and illness, including how to have conversations successfully with people who may be unwell or returning to work
  • Develop an understanding of stigma and how to promote zero tolerance of all kinds
  • Understand how to support your own and others’ mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Gain clarity on where the boundaries of your work role lie
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What people say

Participant at Seed Marketing

"Just wanted to send you an email as I have now completed the Mental Health Matters for Manager course with Work Wellbeing. What an insightful and thought provoking course!"


"Great course & very insightful. I wish I knew about this 18-24 months ago. Thanks"

Participant at Square Trade

"We've been doing the training and really finding it very helpful, thank you. We'd like to roll it out to everyone, not just the managers, as lots of the feedback was that people were finding it personally useful."

What we will cover

This 5-hour training will take you on a journey to understanding what we mean by mental health, some of the reasons people become unwell, common illnesses and crucially the skills to support yourself and others.

Module 1

Making Sense of Mental Health

Learn what “mental health” really is, the financial, legal and moral reasons as to why it matters, and take a look at stigma – where it comes from and what we can do.

Module 2

Understanding What goes Wrong

Understanding stress,  burnout, the danger signs and good practises to minimise their occurrence. Get to grips with Psychological Safety and building trust.

Module 3

Ways We Label Inner Distress

Develop a good working knowledge of common mental health illnesses and the warning signs and symptoms to look out for when someone is at immediate risk.

Module 4

Managing Well for Wellbeing

Learn how to have constructive conversations with others,  how to support someone returning to work, “reasonable adjustments”, and your position legally.

We know that finding the time to develop these skills can be a challenge 

That's why we created this as a flexible learning course with the 'busy' you in mind.

Our flexible on-demand format enables you to work through the training at your own pace, in your own time and revisit any lesson as many times as you want.

  • 5 hour training course
  • 4 distinct modules
  • 3 hours of video content 
  • Downloadable course resources
  • Consolidation assessments at the end of each module
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Learn from the best with our course tutor Dr Barbara Mariposa

Dr. B is a medical doctor, author and thought leader in the field of mental health, workplace wellbeing and the science that brings all these things together.

Barbara’s mission is to create human-centred organisations. Her passion is to promote human flourishing, alleviate distress and advocate human-centred leadership - creating a culture where everyone matters, everyone wins, and performance exceeds expectations.

Trained at the Royal Free Hospital, London, Dr. B worked internationally and has a background in psychiatry and public health.

“Dr Barbara is warm, interesting and knowledgeable, I found the training to be hugely useful but most importantly it was so relatable to my day to day life at work"

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Mental Health Matters for Managers Online Learning Course


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  • Downloadable course resources
  • Consolidation assessments at the end of each module

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